Newspaper Snowman Ornament
Newspaper Snowman Ornament
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Newspaper Snowman Ornament


Country:    Philippines
Material:    Recycled Paper
Sizing:        L:  2"; H:  3"

About the Artisans:
Women’s Multipurpose Cooperative was established in 1994 to create employment for women in Baguio City, Philippines.  The organization trains women to be skilled in weaving, crocheting, and knitting.  The artisans learn to create handicrafts that are sold in the global marketplace.  A popular product is handmade home décor upcycled from old newspapers.  The 200 artisans are given the freedom to either work from home so they can look after their children or work in workshops together to foster a sense of community.  Women’s Multipurpose Coop provides an alternative source of income to raise artisans out of poverty. By helping the artisans get access to raw materials and to the international marketplace, the organization brings security to their lives. The women’s income allows them to support their families and send their children to college.