Colourful Thai Cushion (** COVER ONLY **)
Colourful Thai Cushion (** COVER ONLY **)
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Colourful Thai Cushion (** COVER ONLY **)

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Country:    Thailand
Material:    Cotton

Sizing:        15.5" square 

Note:  Cushion form not included

About the Artisans:
A fair trading organization that seeks to eradicate poverty and provide sustainable development opportunities for the tribal people of northern Thailand, Thai Tribal Crafts had its beginnings in the 1960’s.  Working with the Karen and Lahu tribes in Chiang Mai, female Baptist missionaries became very concerned about the poverty of those they were serving in the region.  Because of their dedication to serve the Thai people, including their economic needs, the missionaries decided that perhaps they could help by seeking ways to market.  In 1973, Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) was established with main objective to provide opportunities for improving the quality of life of the tribal people in the Northern Thailand.