Etched Birds Sushi Tray
Etched Birds Sushi Tray
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Etched Birds Sushi Tray

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Country:    Indonesia
Material:    Clay

Sizing:        L:  11.5"; W:  4"; H:  1.5"

About the Artisans:
The artisans of Lombok are located on an island in Indonesia with the oldest pottery centre on the island.  Indeed, 70% of the inhabitants of Lombok are pottery craftsmen.  All pottery is handmade, and the entire process (from forming to burning) is done without machines.  Three village cooperatives and one staff cooperative work together to form unique products.  The pottery created and purchased is used to support a sustainable environment for the village, which has a high illiteracy and mortality rate.  The production of goods allows workers to attain fair wages and living conditions.