Basket Weave Leather Shoulder Bag
Basket Weave Leather Shoulder Bag
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Basket Weave Leather Shoulder Bag


Country:    India
Material:    100% Viscose
Sizing:        Base:  L:  9"; W:  6"; Zipper L: 14";  H:  9" (15" with strap) 

About the Artisans:
Craft Resource Center (CRC) helps informally organized artisan groups to develop self-sustaining businesses.  CRC seeks to develop economic self-sufficiency for a vulnerable segment of society through traditional handcrafting skills. CRC provides marketing, design, finance and exporting assistance to a large number of artisan groups across India.  CRC also provides raw materials, production coordination between groups and additional training.  CRC considers artisans more important than products and this concern for artisans translates into a broader commitment to help others within the CRC network.  Because of CRC’s coordination of craft production between different artisan groups, artisans have a high level of connection and cooperation.  Artisan groups have been able to work together in partnership in times of need.