Waterfall Silk Scarf
Waterfall Silk Scarf
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Waterfall Silk Scarf

Country:    India
Material:    100% Silk

Sizing:         L:  5'; W: 18"

About the Artisans:
MKS Export Ltd., a non-profit organization founded 1994, was established to create a market for small artisan groups in India, to offer a fair price for their products and to ensure that the artisans can obtain raw materials at a reasonable price.  MKS works with a variety of artisan groups that create silk, leather, stone, wood and brass products.  MKS helps artisans develop skills and become self-reliant.  Their social commitments include medical aid, education, loans and financial aid.  MKS reports a significant increase in artisans’ awareness of the fair trade movement and their commitment to product development.