Floral Bicycle Card
Floral Bicycle Card
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Floral Bicycle Card


Country:    Bangladesh
Material:    Paper

Sizing:        5'5" square

About the Artisans:
Swajan is a fair trade group established in Bangladesh in 1999.  With 850 artisan contacts, their goal is to empower women in rural areas through the creation of high-quality Bangladeshi handicrafts.  The women make paper and hand embroider textiles, purses, and greeting cards to combine traditional skills with fresh designs.  Swajan feels it is important to support these disadvantaged women because with sustainable work they become independent and, in most cases, provide the primary source of income for their family.  Through Swajan, the artisans receive access to health care programs and can educate their children.  The women are also able to save some of their income to protect their families from the future’s uncertainties.