Sari Lines Travel Bag
Sari Lines Travel Bag
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Sari Lines Travel Bag


Country:   Bangladesh
Material:   Jute with sari fabric (cotton lined)
Sizing:       L:  10"; H:  8"

Note:  Sari material is all random colours

About the Artisans:
Dhaka Handicrafts is a craft producing and exporting organization that has expanded its business throughout the world on the basis of fair trade principles.  The organization promotes craft products through enhancing the skills of rural artisans in Bangladesh.  All products are produced after careful analysis of Western taste and demands in terms of design and materials.  The primary goal is to maintain high quality products for which artisans are paid fairly.  Dhaka Handicrafts deals with its artisans in a transparent manner, and seeks to improve their social and economic well-being.  Self-reliance is encouraged through a savings plan for artisans.