Coral Drip Stoneware Mug
Coral Drip Stoneware Mug
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Coral Drip Stoneware Mug

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Country:   Nepal
Material:   Stoneware
Sizing:      D:  3"; H:  4"

About the Artisans:
Founded in 1984 by a woman named Meera Bhatterai, The Association of Craft Producers (ACP) was founded with the goal of helping low income Nepalese women gain social mobility by creating a market free of exploitation. Since then, ACP has expanded to work with women (and some men) in 15 districts of Nepal, employing 100 people directly, 65 per cent of whom are women.  In addition, ACP works with around 1000 artisans (mostly home based and, women comprising 90 per cent), who are not directly employed by ACP but produce for them.  

All profits are reinvested into growing the social impact of the business, including into innovations that can increase sales and support more livelihoods.  In partnership with a European-based foundation, ACP has been able to provide artisan groups loans at low interest rates to invest in and grow their enterprise.