Fazl Toque "Uttar" Design
Fazl Toque
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Fazl Toque "Uttar" Design


Country:   India
Material:   80% acrylic; 20% nylon
Sizing:       One adult size fits all

Note:  "Uttar" translates as "North"

About the Artisans:
Based in Kelowna, BC, Fazl products help support orphaned and destitute children in India with food, shelter, education and clothing.  That goal is achieved through a fair trade model with women in northern India who hand make every item.  As their motto proclaims, their knitted products are “handmade in the Himalayas by happy ladies.”  All knitted patterns are indigenous to the local people and these designs are passed from mother to daughter.  During production season, Fazl employs hundreds of artisans in need, whom they empower to work from home or at their Fazl centre where they provide a safe and supportive work environment.