Build-a-story: Ocean Adventure Card Deck
Build-a-story:  Ocean Adventure Card Deck
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Build-a-story: Ocean Adventure Card Deck


From the Publisher:

Ahoy!! This deck of 36 wordless cards features more than 30 games to build storytelling, problem-solving and writing skills in children ages 3 - 10. The 12 character, 12 object and 12 setting cards feature underwater creatures and surface dwellers sure to spark each child’s curiosity and imagination. The cards also present problems to solve and tools for creative solutions, encouraging critical thinking skills and laying the building blocks for lifelong STEM learning. With quirky, colorful illustrations by celebrated artist Christiane Engel, this new addition to the Barefoot Books Build-a-Story Cards series will captivate budding sci-fi fans and future astronomers alike.

For ages 3-10 years old