Fine Ebony Necklace
Fine Ebony Necklace
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Fine Ebony Necklace

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Country:    Niger
Material:    Fine silver and ebony
Length:       collar necklace diameter:  5.5“; pendant:  3"

About the Artisans:
The Union of Peasants for Self Development [UPAP] was formed by young artisans from Niger to produce and sell beautiful silver jewelry and leatherwork using traditional techniques.  The fine silver craftsmanship are traditional designs created by the nomadic Tuareg tribe of the Saharan North and West Africa.  The Tuareg are a nomadic desert people who also practice subsistence farming.  The income enables the Tuareg to remain in their traditional ways and homes.  It not only helps individual families, but also further helps with providing educational and medical resources for the community.  Tuareg silver is slightly purer than the 0.925 sterling requirement.