Wild Blueberry Tea
Wild Blueberry Tea
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Wild Blueberry Tea


Country:    Various
Sizing:        60g - 22 bags

About the Artisans:
Friendship Organics offers a wide assortment of different types of tea, ranging from traditional black teas such as Chai Spice and Earl Grey, to unique herbal teas like Ginger Cinnamon and Vanilla Rooibos.  These teas are truly the finest tasting teas available.  Their approach to their product is very simple:  they use only the best tasting ingredients with no artificial flavorings or preservatives.  All of their teas are certified organic.  Ingredients are sourced from all over the world, and their blends come from hundred-year-old recipes, family blends, as well as new experiments!  Each blend has a unique story of its own, strengthening everyone’s loving relationship with tea.