Original Hazelnut Milk Chocolate "Peace" Bar
Original Hazelnut Milk Chocolate
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Original Hazelnut Milk Chocolate "Peace" Bar

Due to warmer temperatures, chocolate cannot be shipped until the fall.  We do have chocolate in stock in the store, but have set all webstore quantities to 0 until late September.

Country:    Canada with Syrian roots  
Sizing:        92g

Note:  Packaging will vary in colour and language displayed

About the Artisans:
Peace by Chocolate is a Canadian Syrian refugee success story of grand proportions.  After losing their Syrian production facilities in a bombing raid and spending a year in a refugee camp in Jordan, the Hadhad family immigrated to Antigonish, NS in 2015 and started to rebuild.  With the help of local residents, the family has become a large employer shipping their delicious chocolate across Canada and around the world once again.