Hand-blown Glass Butterfly
Hand-blown Glass Butterfly
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Hand-blown Glass Butterfly


Country:    Egypt
Material:   Hand blown glass

Sizing:        L:  2"; W:  3.5"  (hanging string not included)

About the Artisans:
Dandarah is a woman-owned social enterprise based in Montreal, with a mission to support artisans and sustain traditional crafts.  We work directly with economically and socially marginalized artisans in Egypt, mostly women and minorities, to improve their economic and social conditions by providing employment opportunities, sustainable income and access to international markets.  We partner with local NGOs, artisan cooperatives, and self-employed artisans in different rural areas and inner cities in Egypt to create high-quality handmade products rooted in local age-old crafts, such as hand weaving, glass blowing and pottery.  As a Fair Trade Federation member, Dandarah is fully committed to fair trade principles in all of its business practices including fair pay, safe working conditions, transparency, and environmentally sustainable practices.  Each one of our products is designed to be functional, while preserving the artisans’ traditional techniques; each piece tells the unique and beautiful story of people, lands and traditions.