Square Palm Leaf Basket
Square Palm Leaf Basket
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Square Palm Leaf Basket

Country:   Bangladesh
Material:   Palm leaf fibres w/ leather
Sizing:       L:  11" square; H:  4"

About the Artisans:
Rishilpi, a nonprofit, nongovernmental development organization in southwest Bangladesh, was founded to improve the lives of people of the Rishi caste. "Rishilpi" is formed from two Bengali words, "Rishi," denoting the caste, and "shilpi," meaning artist or craftsman.  Rishi, traditionally leather workers, for centuries have lived at the margins of Bengali society.  Generally landless, with no easy access to schools, many struggled in a continual search for work to survive.  In addition to income generation, Rishilpi conducts relief and development work in rural Bangladesh communities.  Benefits to artisans include education sponsorship, health care, microcredit savings programs and early marriage prevention support for their adolescent daughters.