Labrador Dog Statue
Labrador Dog Statue
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Labrador Dog Statue


Country:   Kenya
Material:   Kisii stone

Sizing:       L: 4"; W: 1"; H: 2"

About the Artisans:
The business idea for Mr. Ellie Pooh got its start in 2005 when Dr. Karl Wald, a scientist, travelled to Sri Lanka to shadow an elephant veterinarian, do trunk washes, and test domestic elephants for tuberculosis.  During that time, he learned about the raging human/elephant conflict in Sri Lanka; expanding farmland makes for smaller and smaller elephant habitat and when elephant herds trample vital crops, violence often erupts.  Wald became friends with fellow animal activist, and local paper maker, Thusitha Ranasinghe.  From there, Mr. Ellie Pooh got its start and proceeds from the company continue to help save the elephant population in Sri Lanka.