Birds in Flight Brass Earrings
Birds in Flight Brass Earrings
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Birds in Flight Brass Earrings


Country:    Mexico
Material:    Brass

Length:       1.5"

About the Artisans:
The Artisana Collection represents work from multiple artists in the famous Taxco region of Mexico, best known for its silver jewelry.  The artisans continue to produce traditional jewelry much like their ancestors.  The artisan group that produces jewelry in this collection has formed a cooperative to pool together their talent and resources – the result has been a positive impact for the individual artisans and a bigger impact on the community.  Artisans use a wide range of beautiful materials that range from abalone, mother of pearl, sterling silver, Taxco silver, and much more.  The group has achieved stable income for many members of its community.  This has led to community initiatives that include support of local schools and programming geared towards the youth.  Artisans often work out of their homes and are paid fair wages for their creativity and effort.