"Al" Paca String Doll Keychain
  • SKU: 3600008

"Al" Paca String Doll Keychain


Country:    Thailand
Material:    Cotton string

Sizing:         3.75”

About the Artisans:
While on a trip to Thailand in 2005, Kamibashi owners Kristen and Chris Daniels read about string dolls while having breakfast in a café in Chiang Mai.  Curious to see these small string creatures in person, they headed to the night market that evening, and the rest is history!  Kamibashi (Japanese for ‘paper bridge’) began with a group of 15 string doll characters that has now grown to over 250 designs.  Designs are co-created with artisan input in Thailand and the team never fails to be amazed by the creativity of their string doll artisans and their ability to make pretty much anything and anyone out of string.