Prickly Fox Ornament
Prickly Fox Ornament
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Prickly Fox Ornament


Country:    Philippines
Material:    Abaca fibers

Sizing:        L:  5.5"; W:  1.5"; H:  3"

About the Artisans:
Community Crafts Association of the Philippines, popularly known as CCAP, is a social development non-governmental organization committed to the development and empowerment of community–based Filipino artisans.  CCAP provides marginalized artisans with export promotion and marketing assistance.  Locally, CCAP links artisans with government or non-governmental agencies supporting the handicraft industry.  CCAP administers programs that have reached out to various sectors of the society such as the disabled, indigenous groups, urban poor and rural poor communities.  Currently CCAP works with more than 600 active artisans nationwide.