Inspired Dove of Peace Ornament
Inspired Dove of Peace Ornament
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Inspired Dove of Peace Ornament


Country:   El Salvador
Material:   Painted wood
Sizing:       L:  4"; W:  3" 

About the Artisans:
The cooperative La Semilla de Dios, meaning "The Seed of God," is located in the town of La Palma in El Salvador.  La Semilla de Dios consists of artisans of limited economic resources who make a variety of wooden items painted in the famous La Palma folk art style.  Men do the carpentry, and women the hand-painting and finishing.  The cooperative owns a piece of land in the mountains outside town, where they plant and sustainably harvest trees to supply about 40 percent of their wood needs.  The traditional cooperative structure of La Semilla de Dios puts power and profits in the hands of the group’s employees.  Cooperative income provides better nutrition and educational opportunities for artisans’ children.  La Semilla de Dios also runs a savings plan from which members can borrow, and has instituted a retirement fund.