Kilim Natural Dye Flatweave Rug
Kilim Natural Dye Flatweave Rug
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Kilim Natural Dye Flatweave Rug

Country:    Pakistan
Material:    Wool 
Sizing:        2'10" x 4'4"

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About the Artisans:
Founded in 1982, Bunyaad Rugs works with skilled rug artisans in rural Pakistan to provide vital and fair income to those who, otherwise, would have very few sustainable outlets for their craft and artistry.  Bunyaad believes in the inherent value of art for art’s sake and Bunyaad artisans, therefore, make their own artistic and technical decisions about rug design and production.    Artisans are assured a fair wage for their labor, allowing them the peace of mind to focus on creativity, rather than speed, and quality, rather than expense.  The fibers used in these hand-knotted rugs are wool, cotton and silk.   There are three different dyeing techniques, including hand-gathered natural dyes, synthetic dyes and commercially produced natural dyes.