Swimming Turtle Sculpture
Swimming Turtle Sculpture
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Swimming Turtle Sculpture


Country:   Peru
Material:   Ceramic
Sizing:       L:  3"; W:  2.5"; H:  2"

Manos Amigas is a fair trade organization established in Lima, Peru in 1991.  Their name means “Hands Joined in Friendship” in Spanish.  Their goal is to help impoverished Peruvian artisans continue their family tradition of creating handicrafts.  The artisans have stronger businesses and can support their families with their sustainable livelihood.

20% of the profits of Manos Amigas goes towards social causes that have a long-term positive impact on the community.  They provide warm meals, school supplies, and scholarships to the children of the artisans.  Manos Amigas’ work gives hope to its 350 artisans and the next generation.