Better Butter Crock
Better Butter Crock
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Better Butter Crock


Country:   Cambodia
Material:   Ceramic  
(dishwasher safe)
Sizing:       D:  4“; H:  3“  

How to use:  Put an inch of cold water in the bottom of the crock; put up to 4oz of butter in the lid; invert the lid into the crock to have soft butter on hand for spreading.

About the Artisans:
The Rajana Association is a non-profit organization for income generation and skills training, producing fair trade products using traditional Cambodian skills with contemporary designs.  The name Rajana means "design" in Khmer.  Rajana Association focuses on the rural and urban poor, and small producers of handicrafts.  Rajana trains young Cambodians in traditional craft–making skills, as well as in accounting, marketing, computer courses and English.  Through development of traditional craft–making skills, Rajana helps maintain and rebuild Cambodia’s rich cultural traditions, damaged in the country’s wars.  Rajana Association began in 1995 as an income–generating project of the British nongovernmental organization Southeast Asian Outreach UK. Since 2000 Rajana has been owned and operated by Cambodians.