Pinhole Kisii Flower Vase
Pinhole Kisii Flower Vase
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Pinhole Kisii Flower Vase

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Country:   Kenya
Material:   Kisii stone (dyed)
Sizing:       D:  3.5"; H:  6"

About the Artisans:
The Undugu Society of Kenya has worked for Kenya’s urban poor since 1973 with the goal of offering hope to those at greatest risk.  Undugu (a Kiswahili word for solidarity and brotherhood) is a leading rehabilitation agency for street children in the country and provides education programs, health care and counseling for boys and girls who would otherwise live on the street.

Kisii soapstone is found only in Kenya and while, basically, white in colour, it can have veins of pinks and browns; it also takes dyes very well.  Carving kisii stone has been a blessing for sustenance farmers who were once struggling to feed their families.  The artisans at Undugu Fair Trade Limited achieve smooth stone paperweights and statues through multiple stages of sanding, then waxing.