Blue Tye-Dye Silk Scarf
Blue Tye-Dye Silk Scarf
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Blue Tye-Dye Silk Scarf


Country:   Vietnam
Material:   50% Silk; 50% Linen
Sizing:       L:  6'; W:  2'

About the Artisans:
Craft Link in Vietnam helps producers, especially the poor, to improve their livelihoods through craft production and marketing.  They seek to help revive and promote traditional culture and skills, educate the public about handicraft producers and their products, and ensure fair wages, environmental sustainability, and employee safety.  Craft Link supports 63 producer groups all over Vietnam and is committed to working with producers who need their services to assist in new project activities, including different training for artisans.  Craft Link is committed to treating all of its handicraft artisans fairly and providing markets for their products through its shops, bazaars and exports.